Teen Patti is one of India’s favorite casino games and is commonly played online. It is simple to learn and fun to play. Our online Teen Patti beginner’s guide will teach you all you need to know. Continue reading to learn where to play, how to win, numerous online game versions, and more.


Where to Play Teen Patti Online

These are our top picks for Indian gamers looking to play Teen Patti online:


What is “Teen Patti”?

Teen Patti, also known as tri-card, is literally defined as “three cards” in Hindi and shares many similarities with poker and the English game three card brag. Only Teen Patti, a.k.a. flash or flush, challenges Indian rummy as India’s most popular card game.

The fact that Teen Patti is played with three cards distinguishes it from Poker. This game’s basic version may be enjoyed by up to ten people. There is a dealer, much like in poker, and players are dealt cards clockwise. The goal of the game is to end with the best hand possible or to convince your opponents to fold before the cards are revealed. Teen Patti may be played for real money at any of the casinos listed above. Simply sign up, claim your bonus, then make a deposit to begin playing!


How to Play Teen Patti

The following are the steps for playing a hand of Teen Patti:

  • Each player places a minimum wage in the pot.
  • The dealer deals one card at a time until each player has three face-down cards.
  • The game begins with the player to the left of the dealer, who can play their hand “blind” or “seen,” which affects the amount they can wager every round. We’ll go over this in more detail later, but the essential thing to remember is that players can opt to look at their cards or take a chance with a blind bet.
  • Whether a player is playing “blind” or “seen,” he or she must next decide whether to wager or fold. The stake that is added to the pot is known as “chaal,” and it must be at least equal to the previous player’s stake, or 2x, 4x, or 6x depending on how the hand is played.
  • The betting rounds will continue until either all but one player folds and that player wins the whole pot OR two players remain and one demands a show.
  • A seen player must pay for a show, which is 2x or 4x the previous chaal. The other player is not required to match this. Blind players are unable to request a performance.
  • When the cards are revealed, the hand with the highest rating wins the pot.


Key Terms in Teen Patti

The Ante or Boot

Before the first deal, each Teen Patti player must toss in a minimum stake ante, often known as a boot in this game. The dealer then deals one card face down at a time until each player has three. Many variants then need an extra blind in which either the dealer or the player to the left of the dealer throws in half of the boot’s stake and the player to the left of them tosses in 2x time. This is analogous to the little and huge blinds in poker.

Each player might choose whether to play their hand blindly or visibly.

Play Blind

You make the decision to play your hand without consulting your cards. When playing blind, you must wager at least the current stake (even money) and no more than double the current stake (2x current stake). A blind player can become a visible player at any time throughout the course of a hand. Because a blind player is at a disadvantage, they will wager less every round until they opt to check their cards or fold.

Play Seen

You decide to play your hand by first inspecting your cards. When playing “Seen”, the fundamental rules require you to wager at least twice the current stake and no more than four times the current stake, or twice as much as the blind player.


Teen Patti Hand Rankings

Poker and Teen Patti have the same hands. The cards are ranked from strongest to weakest:

Trio – three cards of the same value (like three of a kind in poker) | Ace-Ace-Ace is the best trio, 2-2-2 is the weakest

Straight run – three sequential cards of same suit (like a straight flush) | A-K-Q is the best followed by A-2-3 then K-Q-J

Normal run – three sequential cards (like a straight)

Color – three cards of the same suit (like a flush)

Pair – two cards of the same value

High Card – if nobody pairs in a show, high card wins | Ace-King-Queen is strongest, 4-3-2 is weakest


Ways to Win at Teen Patti

Strong Hand

When you hold a good hand, like as a Three of a Kind or a Straight Flush, you might bet aggressively in the hopes of forcing the other players to fold.

Big Bluffer

You will not always have a powerful hand. You can still win by bluffing your way through each betting round until the other entire players fold. Be advised that this is dangerous. You will lose the game if the other player bets on you in a show.

Request A Show

You and one other player are still in a hand, and one of you asks for a show. Only a seen player can request a show, and in order for it to happen, they must pay 2x / 4x the preceding player’s bet. It should be noted that if only two players remain and no one requests a show, the betting will continue.


Side Bets in Teen Patti

After you’ve learned the fundamentals of Teen Patti, it’s time to learn about side bets! Side bets are additional in-game wagers that may be used to increase the excitement of your game. Best of all, they can be extremely profitable – players may win up to 1000x their stake. There are two sorts of side bets.

The first is called Pair Plus, and it is a bet on the first three cards you are given. The following are the most frequent Pair Plus bets and their regular payouts:

Bet Name Description Payout
Mini Royal an Ace, King, and Queen of the same suit 100:1
Straight Flush three cards in a sequence of the same suit 40:1
Three of a Kind three cards of the same rank 30:1
Straight three cards in a sequence 5:1
Flush three cards of the same suit 4:1


You may also wager in certain casinos on the hand that would be formed if your cards were joined with the dealer’s. This is known as the 3+3 Bonus, and it must appear on at least five cards. The following are the most frequent 3+3 bets and their regular payouts:

Bet Name Description Payout
Mini Royal an Ace, King, Queen, Jack and a 10 of the same suit 1000:1
Straight Flush five cards in a sequence of the same suit 200:1
Four of a Kind four cards of the same rank 100:1
Flush five cards of the same suit 15:1
Straight five cards in a sequence 10:1
Three of a Kind three cards of the same rank 7:1


Teen Patti Game Variations

There are variations of the original, as with many popular card games. This is no different with India’s Teen Patti, which provides a variety of game versions to liven up your next game night.

Best of Four

Instead of the dealer dealing each player three cards to form the best hand, each player is dealt four cards, of which they can choose any three to form the best hand.


Cards are ranked in the reverse order as in poker, and the lowest hand wins.

Wild Draw

Following the initial deal, the dealer draws one card at random from the deck, and any cards of the same rank become wild cards. For example, if the dealer dealt a King as the round’s wild card, everyone holding a King would have the option to pair at least two of their three cards.

Bust Card Draw

Following the initial deal, the dealer draws one card at random from the deck, and all cards of the same rank become bust cards. If any of the players has a busted card, they must fold.

Kiss, Miss, Bliss

A clever Teen Patti game version in which two card pairs can combine to form a single virtual wild card. The KISS is a numerically sequential pair, such as 8, 9, the MISS is a pair of cards that are missing the middle portion of a sequence, such as 8, 10, and the BLISS is a pair of cards with equal values, such as 8, 8.


Cultural Significance of Teen Patti

Few games have as much cultural importance in India as Teen Patti. For many people in the nation, the game is a part of their everyday lives. Here are some of the locations where you may watch Teen Patti in action:

Religious Festivals

Teen Patti is quite popular during social occasions, especially those related with the Hindu holiday of Diwali. It’s long been claimed that people who bet on the night of the Festival of Lights will succeed, so it’s no wonder that actual rupees are frequently exchanged! Because of Teen Patti’s simplicity, both children and adults may enjoy the game.

Taash Parties

Taash parties (Urdu meaning card parties) are a common social activity in India even outside of religious occasions. The games are played between friends in a casual setting with little (usually!) bets. Teen Patti is frequently simply one of the games played at such gatherings; Rummy is also popular.


Teen Patti has appeared in a number of Bollywood films. Teen Patti, a Hindi thriller, was released in 2010. Amitabh Bachchan, a Bollywood superstar, plays a mathematics professor who applies his probability theory to the renowned card game. While the film was not well received by reviewers, it demonstrated Teen Patti’s importance in Indian society.

Teen Patti Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal to play Teen Patti in India?

Because the Public Gambling Act of 1876 makes no mention of internet gambling, many Indian players lawfully gamble at online, offshore casinos. It should be noted that all casino winnings in India, whether online or off, are taxed.

Is there a difference between Teen Patti and 3 Patti?

They are not two distinct names for the same game. ‘Teen’ signifies three in Hindi.

Can I win real money playing Teen Patti?

Yes! There are several reputable online casinos where you may play for and win real money.

How do I get a good hand in Teen Patti?

The hands dealt in Teen Patti at a decent, reputable casino are completely random. It is entirely up to chance whether you are dealt good or terrible hands.

Is Teen Patti a game of skill?

Both yes and no! While the cards handed to you in Teen Patti are totally random, playing with a solid strategy has a significant influence on the outcome. Skilled players know when to wager, when to fold, and when to check their cards. Who wins and who loses is determined by the timing of these movements, as well as the cards in hand. As a result, Teen Patti is a game of both chance and skill.

What is the best hand in Teen Patti?

The best hand in Teen Patti is a Mini Royal (Ace, King, and Queen of the same suit), however others such as Straight Flush, Three of a Kind, Straight and Flush are also powerful.