Solitaire is a popular one-player card game. It is played with a complete deck of cards. There are several versions of the game accessible online, and it may also be played offline. Klondike is the traditional variant of Solitaire, and it is played with 52 cards. In the parts that follow, we will go through how to play a solitaire game, several types of solitaire (including spider solitaire).


How to play Solitaire game

Dealing of cards in Solitaire game

Seven piles of cards are dealt in Solitaire. The first and leftmost card is dealt face up in the first round of dealing, followed by the next six cards given face down.

The second round begins with the second pile receiving a face-up card, followed by the next five piles receiving face-down cards.

The third round of dealing starts with a face-up card on the third pile and continues with face-down cards from the fourth deck onwards.

The process is repeated until each of the seven decks has one face-up card on top. In general, the number of cards in each pile grows from left to right.

The remaining 24 cards are placed face-down in a separate deck from the seven.

Above the seven decks, there are four imaginary vacant spots. The foundation piles are built using these slots.


How to win the game of Solitaire

To win the solitaire game, you must build foundation piles of each suit. You begin by putting aces of each suit in four different places/slots atop the seven decks.

You must next finish each suit by laying successive cards on top of the aces, for example, 2 of hearts on Ace of hearts, 2 of clubs on Ace of clubs, 3 of clubs on 2 of clubs, and so on, until you have finished each suit.


Moves in Solitaire game

To complete the four suits of cards, you must shift certain cards around. The cards in the game can travel in three ways:

  • Moving cards among the seven decks: You can transfer face-up cards among the seven heaps by placing a card with a lower rank under a card with a higher rank and a different color. For example, you might put 6 of hearts under 7 of clubs.

Note: When a face-up card is moved from a pile, the next face-down card in that pile is flipped, resulting in the next face-up card in that pile.

  • Moving cards from the seven decks to the foundation piles: Because the goal of the game is to fill each foundation pile, you can transfer cards from the seven decks to fill the foundation heaps.
  • From the deck: The last method of shifting cards is to expose one card at a time from the deck of 24 remaining cards (In some games, three cards are flipped open from the deck, and the third card can be moved first and then the ones below that). Wherever feasible, the revealed card can be put to the seven heaps (below a card of greater rank and different color) or to the foundation piles. If a revealed card cannot be moved, the following card is revealed on top of it. Once all of the deck cards have been exposed, the exposed card pile is turned to create a face-down deck once again.


Other Solitaire rules

  • When transferring cards to the seven piles, a card with one higher rank and a different color can only be put below a card with one higher rank and a different color.
  • When one of the seven piles runs out of cards, only a King card can be placed in the vacant slot initially. When necessary, more consecutive cards might be put below the King.
  • If necessary, the top card of a foundation pile can be shifted back to one of the seven heaps below.
  • The game is over when no further movements can be made from the stacks of the deck of cards.


Types of Solitaire games

Here are some examples of Solitaire card games that may be found online:

  1. Klondike Solitaire

This is the most popular version of the game, sometimes known as just Solitaire. This is the original version of the game that came with Windows. The rules of this game have been discussed in detail in the previous section.

  1. Spider Solitaire

This is yet another popular solitaire variant. This game was also included with Windows. Spider Solitaire has several degrees of difficulty. The difficulty of the game increases as the number of suits and decks in the game increases. It is only played by one person.


How to play spider solitaire