Online Casino – Understanding How to Double in Blackjack

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In the online casino game of Blackjack, the term “double” refers to when a player sees the cards that have been dealt. This occurs on the condition that the player can only take one more card, but can double their bet. This move can be highly beneficial to a player; because despite the fact that they can only choose one more card; their chances of success are significantly increased.

Knowing When to Double

Blackjack is all about probabilities and the way in which you play the game can depend on your understanding of these probabilities; and how you incorporate your knowledge into your play casino game. These probabilities can be determined by percentages. For example, there are 52 cards in a deck and the deck contains 16 cards with a value of 10. Therefore, the percentage chance of a card being drawn with a value of 10 is 31%. This is the most probable result and the chance of any other value being drawn is just under 8%. In turn, it is not a good idea to double if you find yourself with a hand that doesn’t contain an ace and that has a value over 11.

In contrast, should a casino India online player find themselves with a hand of a value between 9 and 11 then they should consider going for the double; as it is at this point that they will be at their best advantage for success. Another good point at which to double is when the dealer is likely to go bust; so keep an eye on the table if you want to correctly judge when this might happen. You never know – you might just beat the dealer and win big using this online blackjack strategy.