Online Casino Games – Popularity of 3 Card Poker


These days’ new casino games seem to pop up every week. There are literally thousands of unique slots titles online, and many casinos are now taking liberties with classics like blackjack, bingo and video poker. As millions of new online players log on every day, casino industry insiders speculate that casinos are reviving previously overlooked game variations in hopes of finding a new hit. That’s just what happened with the game in question. Lately 3-Card Poker has been generating a lot of buzz.

So why is 3-Card Poker suddenly hot?

The game incorporates elements from three of the most popular online casino games – blackjack, poker and video poker. Combine the audiences of these three games; and you’ll have a steep majority of online players (sans the significant slot crowd). Jaded fans of any of these three games; looking for something similar but new will find just that with 3-Card Poker.

How does the game work?

Players may make one of two bets by placing chips in either the Ante or the Pair Plus area of the table. Players making an Ante wager will be privy to an experience that’s like a hybrid of blackjack and poker. Three cards are dealt to each player, and then three more are dealt face down to the dealer. Once you have considered your hand, you must decide if you want to double your original bet by placing an additional wager in the Play area beside the Ante, or if you want to fold your hand. Should you fold, your ante is forfeited, but should you play the best online casino dealer will reveal their cards and players with a hand that beats the dealer’s will be paid.

Players that choose to make the Pair Plus wager instead are basically playing a live version of video poker. The dealer’s hand is now irrelevant. To win, you must receive a 3-card hand that includes a pair or better. Anything less is an automatic loss.

What’s different about 3-Card Poker?

Unlike many of the games it borrows from, 3-Card Poker doesn’t allow for much strategy. Players cannot draw new cards, bluff or bully with their chips. In fact, the Pair Plus version of the game has no strategy at all, and the Ante half of the game’s strategy is limited exclusively to a player’s decision to play or fold. For the most part, knowledge of your fellow players’ hands is insignificant since you’re only competing against the pay table or the dealer, though some strategists theorize that card counting could give 3-card players an additional edge when choosing when to play or fold.