Online Casino – Five Types of Slot Machines


Not all slot machines are created equal. Each slot machine has different pay lines, bonuses, multipliers, and payout scales. Each slot machine has its own unique advantages and disadvantages. Knowing the five types of slot machines will help you determine which slot will have the best payout in the online casino.

Progressive Slots

In a progressive slot machine of the best online casinos, several slot machines in a row are linked together. When a player at one of these slots places a bet, a portion of that money is added to a pot. The pot continues to rise as each player bets. One player at the stream of progressive slots can win the big pot if they land on a certain pay line.


In a Buy-a-Pay slot machine, payouts are determined by the amount a player is betting. For example, if a player is betting the minimum bet, he or she will only collect if the machine shows lemons and will not collect if the machine shows cherries or oranges. In order to collect on all the payout lines, the player must be betting the maximum bet.

Multiple Pay line

Multiple Pay line slot machines are one of the most common slots in casino games online. In a Multiple Pay line slot, there is more than one payout line (typically up to nine lines.) The player can activate each payout line by raising his or her bet. For example, if a player is betting the minimum, he or she will only win on one payout line. To win on all nine payout lines they must be betting nine times the minimum bet.


In a Multiplier slot machine, payouts are multiplied by the amount of the player’s bet. For example, if the Multiplier slot machine uses a lemon as a winning symbol and the player is betting five times the minimum bet, then he or she would win five times the standard payout for the lemon symbol.

Bonus Multiplier

The Bonus Multiplier slot machine works the same as the Multiplier slot machine. A player is paid a multiple of his or her bet for winning symbols. However, the Bonus Multiplier slot machine offers a chance to win a bigger bonus for certain symbols. The only catch is the player must pay an extra coin on every bet to qualify for the bonus.

Take time to look at each slot machine in the casino India before choosing one to play. By comparing how much you want to bet with the different types of slot machines, you can greatly increase your odds of winning.