India Poker Championship: Log In, Stake Out

India Poker Championship: Log In, Stake Out

.Be.fore 2020 turned up such awful cards, the India Poker Championship (IPC), the nation’s greatest and most vaunted poker occasion,  been working on the seaward casino Big Daddy in Panji, Goa.

With the pandemic giving no indications of finishing, India Poker Championship (IPC) is going virtual with an online competition name ‘Last Table Series’, including players from Delhi to Dibrugarh who will sign in to try the prizes. And given the measure of money available to anyone we may very well observe you there.

The week-long public arrangement commences today and will proceed up to November 23. The main actually live streaming poker occasion of India will include an absolute arrangement prize pool of Rs 8 crore, where the last competition of the day will be live gushed on different stages.

The last competition of every day will have global reporters, and the nail-gnawing play for progressively raised stakes will facilitated on the IPC YouTube channel. And will likewise cross posted on around 10 optional stages including IPPA, Sportskeeda, Poker Guru, Gutshot, Pokershots, Poker launcher, IPCC, IPS, IPB, Spartan Official, Spartan Poker, and the IPC site.

Discussing raised stakes, the victor of the Final Table Series headliner will remunerated with a 24K gold emblem studded with precious stones, a sponsorship bargain for a cool Rs 10 Lakh, a testament, and a hamper.

Also, the victors of FTS Feature Tournaments will get a 24K gold plated emblem studded with jewels, a testament, and a hamper while different champs for FTS competitions will get a silver emblem.

Amin Rozani, Group CEO, Spartan Group said, “We are happy to announce the first ever live streaming poker series of India — Final Table Series with exciting rewards for poker players. With the ongoing pandemic, we wanted to provide our players a unique gaming experience which gives them an opportunity to play as well as watch the game live. We are confident that the series will acquire the best of the best skilled players across the country, ensuring a chance to compete by leveling up the game.”

Given the ever-rising prominence of online games with monetary rewards, also the prizes available to anyone, IPC is anticipating a crowd of people in high figures from around India, and the world. Other than it IS taash season.

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