Gautam Gambhir Suggests Ajinkya Rahane to Carve His own Niche as Skipper

Ajinkya Rahane

Ajinkya Rahane, Indian Test Vice-Captain will lead the side of the rest of the Test Series in Australia in the absence of Virat Kohli. Kohli has left for home to be with his pregnant wife Anushka Sharma.

Though Kohli is an expressive character whose gestures give you an accurate understanding of the condition of the game; Ajinkya Rahane is cool and well-constructed. That said, Rahane is softly militant in his own imitable way; and the former Indian opener Gautam Gambhir feels that the middle-order batsman does not attempt to alter his personality instantly; and instead show off his aggression by his field strategies, field placements, and by coming in to bat No.4; to send out a message that he is leading from the front.

In an exclusive interview with Sports Today YouTube, Gautam Gambhir said that one thing is that no one changes his identity immediately; and that he doesn’t need to change his personality. There are different captains, there are different people who have led their sides in a totally different way. Ajinkya can’t be Virat Kohli, Virat Kohli can’t be MS Dhoni, and MS Dhoni can’t be Sourav Ganguly. So both of these guys have been good captains.

Gambhir added that he’d certainly like to see Ajinkya Rahane coming and beating at No. 4 because that’s what will send a message that Rahane is leading from the front.

Gambhir stated Ajinkya Rahane can follow Rahul Dravid’s methodology

”It’s not about the emotions you show on the field or reacting to every wicket or reacting to every run you score and all that stuff. You’ve got many other ways of being aggressive. Your body language can be aggressive, your field placements could be aggressive; you could ask your bowlers to bowl different lengths, your batting could be different. There are so many other ways where you could lead from the front; and people who say he wears his heart on his sleeve and all that stuff is irrelevant,” Gambhir added.

Gambhir added that Ajinkya Rahane might adopt Rahul Dravid’s captain’s pattern, who had a similar personality, but used it to display his aggression in the way he set the tone with the bat in addition to setting aggressive fields.

Gambhir could never expect anyone like MS Dhoni to display emotions, Dada was a little more emotional, and Virat Kohli was a much more emotional guy. Anil Kumble was violent when he captained the side, Rahul Dravid was aggressive in his own way – set fields, chased totals, so Ajinkya Rahane doesn’t need to change anything.