Cricket Australia Chairman Drops a Major Hint about Australian Team Future Leadership

Earl Eddings

The continuous discussions about Steve Smith’s willingness to act as an Australian captain have not yet been put to rest. Steve Smith became a captain this year, having returned to Australian colours in June 2019; after completing a year-long suspension on his role in the ball-tampering saga. But Cricket Australia Chairman Earl Eddings has pointed out that Smith is not the only contestant in the mix.

Steve Smith’s return to Australian colours was well and truly influenced; as he played a defining part in keeping Ashes on his side in England. The 31-year-old mustered a mammoth 774 runs more than 100 years old with three centuries and two fifties; as Australia has held the urn for the first time in England since 2001. Smith’s success in white-ball cricket was also fairly good, indicating that he would do well as a skipper.

Earl Eddings points out that there were three fine captains in Meg Lanning, Aaron Finch, and Tim Paine through Australia; men’s and women’s cricket. Although he admits that Smith was an excellent leader; they’ve got some good captains coming in and they’re going to choose what’s best for the side. Eddings has indicated that the Board has yet to hold a thorough debate on the same topic.

Eddings said that, first of all, they had three fantastic captains in Meg, Aaron, and Tim, and they had some great young leaders coming in. But it’s not just about how Steve is going to take over, it’s about what’s better overall. He added that Steve was a fine young man, and that he was a good captain when he was there. There’s planning in order like any succession. On being asked, did they sit down as a board directly to decide the next captain? He responded that they didn’t.

Cricket Australia will be guided by the recommendations of the selection panel

Earl Eddings also said that Matthew Wade, who had already served as vice-captain, had encouraged them to see him as their future leader. Eddings is optimistic that their panel will make the best decisions to them at the right time, and they will work through it step by step.

“But I think over a period of time we’ve given a range of people options to be vice-captain, Matthew Wade was already vice-captain, so we’re seeing that and it gives us an opportunity to look at the future leaders of Australian cricket. We’ll be guided by the recommendations of the selection panel, they always come back to our board at the right time with their recommendation, and we’ll go through it in detail when they do that,” he added.