Casino Games – Top Five Slot Machine Myths

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Avid casino games slot machine players have a lot of trade secrets that they believe lead them to higher payouts. A few of these secrets may actually be diamonds in the rough, but the majority of them are just slot machine myths that really have no actual effect on your outcome. After all, slot machines produce payouts in a randomly generated sequence, and there is little you can do to beat the house.

Casinos place their loose slot machines in certain locations:

Many slot players believe that the online casino always places their loose slot machines near the cashier, the door, the poker table, or another hot spot. As a player, you have no way of knowing where a loose slot machine is, and chances are they have been placed around the casino randomly anyway.

If a slot machine has not paid out in a while, it is going too soon:

While it is true that slot machines must pay out a certain percentage of the time, it does not mean that percentage has to follow any sort of order. Slot machines pay out on a randomly generated basis and one machine could go weeks before dropping a big payout.

Weekends are the best time for slot machine payouts:

In truth, a casino India may tailor some of their games to times when they can expect the most players, but this is not the case with slot machines. Since slot machine payouts are generated at random, it really does not matter what time you are in the casino.

Slot machine payouts can be changed instantly by the casino:

Slot machines are controlled by computer chips that work with the casino’s central computer system. While in theory, the best online casino could tighten or loosen a slot machine, it takes more effort than you think. Casinos must also abide by gaming laws that prevent them from cutting off a machine just because it is paying out.

An out of service slot machine just hit a big payout: Modern slot machines work like computers, and like computers, they can break. Just because you see a service needed sign on a slot machine, does not mean that slot machine was paying highly. Many players take this to heart and avoid the machines near the out-of-service slot for fear that they will pay less than the machine that was “taken down” by the casino. An out-of-service sign means just that, out of service.