5 Different Online Casino Poker Game Variants You Might Not Know

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Poker online casino is one of the most varied card games you can play; with an enormous number of types based on the three game families – draw, stud, and community.

We’ve just chosen five great variants that you might not be aware of. But be warned, to play all that you need to know about more than five different types of poker casino India – as you learn below.

Guts Poker

Guts poker is a poker variation that’s easy to master, fun to play, and gives you the chance to make some major wins; along with massive losses. Games mostly require three cards being dealt to players; however certain types of guts are played with two or four cards.

The basic rules for gut poker are as follows – two, three, or four cards are dealt to all players, and each person chooses whether or not they want to fold their hand. Players then show their cards and the player with the strongest hand wins – ranks are identical to those in Texas Hold’em, with a straight flush being the best and the highest card the worst.


The HORSE isn’t the horse-riding version of the most popular (probably) card game in the world – it’s a mix of five different poker versions, making it one of the most diverse card games you’ll ever play.

HORSE consists of the following five games:

H: Texas Hold’em

O: Omaha hi-lo

R: razz

S: seven-card stud

E: seven-card stud eight or better (AKA stud hi-lo)

The poker version that you play varies for each orbit – from Hold’em to eight or better – which ensures that it’s the right variant for a more seasoned player.

Short deck

Short Deck is quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of poker. Why? Why? Since it’s similar to Texas Hold’em, but features large hands a lot more often than not. The explanation short deck poker has so many large hands is that two to five cards are taken out of the deck.

This leaves you with 36 cards in play which ensures that the hand ranks vary from those seen in Hold’em – for example, a flush beats a full house and three of a kind beats a straight.

Why? The change in the number of cards increases the probability that you pick up a number of hands.

Follow the Queen

One of the very excellent variants of stud poker, Follow the Queen follows the same simple strategy as a seven-card stud – you get a mixture of face-up and face-down cards, for a limit of seven cards.

The fact that Follow the Queen differs from the seven-card stud is that it contains wildcards. How is this working? We’ll explain.

Wildcards in Follow the Queen are cards that players will convert into cards they need to complete their hand.

Queens are still wildcards, so they’re not the only ones in the game – a variety of other cards will become wildcards, and that ensures there’s still a possibility that the power of a player’s side can increase.

If you need a lot of variation to play poker, then we suggest that you try following the Queen.

Pineapple Poker

Pineapple poker is a variant of Texas Hold’em that has one important difference to its parent game; you get three hole cards and have to discard one. The basic rules of pineapple poker are really easy to pick up, as we explain below.

The game starts with players being dealt three cards. You then decide which hole card to throw away, before a round of betting commences and three community cards are dealt. The game then follows the same rules as Texas Hold’em.

One thing to note about pineapple poker is that there’s a version of the game known as ‘crazy’ pineapple poker. The rules of crazy pineapple poker are the same as we’ve described but with one difference; you choose which hole card to discard once the three community cards have been dealt.